Chicken Train Skifflers

Since 1999, Playing a unique liberation of a lost style of music, fusing ragtime, blues, country, bluegrass and rockabilly to produce the traditional skiffler sound, or as we’ve come to call it “Psychophuque-a-billy”
Factoid: 2011 Tamworth Country Music Festival. Whilst attempting to pass a barrier with a ute loaded with our gear, en route to a show, a policeman challenged us saying, “where do you think you’re goin?” When we said we’re loading our gear in for a show ….. he said “ Shit … I thought you were goin to the tip”

Music Festivals. Tamworth CMF. Central Coast CMF NSW.
Corporate Events Jayco Heatherbrae
Pubs: Too many to name. NSW
Private Functions: Some people have way too much fun.

Some of the boys get a nose bleed if they go too far from the Hawkesbury River, yet The Chicken Train Skifflers will travel anywhere to show how to turn a banjo, mandolin, guitar, washboard, gut bucket bass, fiddle, harmonicas, kazoo, Jews harp, dobro and traps into a hand clapping, foot stompin’ hell of a good time!!