The Kate Lush Band

R&B Soul, Rock & Blues. She has the power to uplift, the sensitivity to comfort & the gravity to pull emotions from deep within.Likened to Sara Bareilles & Sheryl Crow, Kate crosses singer songwriter borders with her harder rock edge. Her voice is capable of incredible power and unimaginable tenderness, there is so much personality behind her songs, they get to you like a book you can’t put down.

When hearing her belt out classics like Ray Charles’s “Tired of My Tears”, Joe Cockers “Space Captain”, Chaka Khan’s “Tell Me Something Good”, while a swinging R&B band pumps out thick grooves behind her – you will understand why she’s a must see.

Her glistening vocals were first noticed when she won 2DayFM’s competition to find Geri Halliwel’s replacement at their Rumba Festival, where she rocked a 50,000 strong crowd with “It’s Raining Men”. She sang alongside Nelly Furtado, Shaggy, Tina Arena to name a few.

“She was a true performer who will go very far in the music industry”…and “She has performed with some of the worlds biggest acts and has only just scratched the surface with her talent.” – Sydney 2DayFM’s Rumba Festival organizers

Australian Songwriters Rudy Brandsma Award for Excellence in Songwriting |
09 Best Female – U.S. IAMA |
09 Best International – U.S. Songwriter Assoc. of Washingtons |
Best New Acoustic Artist final 5 – U.S. Gibson Guitar U.S. |
Australias. AMRAP’s Feature Artist |
Aust. Idol NSW finalist for My Mum Rocks |
Sydney 2DayFM’s winner of search to find Geri Halliwell replacement at RUMBA Festival