Muma Janes Blues Band

With Special Guest Carolyn “Pine Cone” Packer on Keyboards

During and after World War II, the factories in the north of America needed labour and many southern blacks, tired of ploughing fields, headed to places like Detroit and Chicago.

They took with them their labour power and more importantly, their music.

Theirs was a music steeped in the Delta, of field hollers and chants played mainly on acoustic guitars, harmonicas and fiddle.

On the streets and in the clubs of the cities these acoustic instruments weren’t loud enough and had to be amplified and a rhythm section was added, giving birth to urban rhythm and blues.

It wasn’t until the early ‘60s that this prototype rock and roll made its impact on modern rock and roll as we know it.

When young, white English musicians started copying these strange sounds they heard on records imported from the US, the rest was history.

The blues had a baby and they named it Rock and Roll.

While the music was created from experiences far removed from their own, it still had a special meaning.

It speaks through its moving vocals insistent back beats. It lets you know that no matter how tough life can be there is still great joy to be had.

It’s basically the roots of rock and roll.


Muma Jane’s Blues Band covers a wide selection of blues and rhythm and blues material from deep Chicago-Delta sound to West Coast swing.

Rather than trying to play the music note for note, we prefer to do an interpretation while still relating the essential grooves and feel that makes the music what it is.


Muma Jane’s Blues Band find they can cover a lot of ground and pump out a big sound great for dancing too.

After all, that’s what the music was designed for, created in the juke joints and road houses and matured in the urban club land for people to let their hair down after a hard days work.


Muma Jane’s Blues Band line –up includes

Lead Guitar –Dino Divitus

Rhythm Guitar – Jim Wright

Bass – John Jarrett

Drums – Peter Hampton

Vocals- Jane Stewart – Kemble