Phil Emmanuel

Phil Emmanuel has received Australian and worldwide recognition as one of our finest musical talents.

His versatility is well known and acknowledged obvious from the shows,

and the musicians he has performed alongside, from Jazz James Morrison, Don Burrows to big-band Ed Wilson, the Royal Military College Band, to Country Slim Dusty, Lee Kernaghan, Dolly Parton, to rock and blues Jimmy Barnes, Roy Buchanan, Don Walker and John Farnham.

Phil’s musical roots stem back to the 50′s, 60′s and 70′s and his style has largely been defined by the classic guitar sounds of this era. His preference for the “instrumental tunes that defined the sound of the electric guitar when it was a new instrument”.

This is evident on his solo albums Kakadu Sunrise and In the Shadows of the Beatles which contains some blistering country rock and blues as well as more than a nod to his Shadows roots, the joint Emmanuel Bros. Album Terra Firma and also in his live work which includes material ranging from Mozart to Stevie Ray Vaughan, bluegrass to heavy metal.

Phil has always been renowned for performing powerful, challenging material, ranging from classical ballads such as Sultans of Swing to spine-tingling, amazingly fast and furious pieces by Bach and Mozart.

Phil’s musical prowess is so astonishing that there are times when the man becomes the guitar and the guitar becomes the man. His passion is illuminating, his ability is breathtaking “If brother Tommy plays it sweet Phil plays it from the street.

Phil’s playing has so much fire and his chops on the electric are pretty well as good as you’ll get.”Australian Musician

“His phenomenonal technical skills thrilled the audience. His fingers looked like tarantulas’ legs running down an electric/acoustic web of intricate frets and passages.” Courier Mail

To ask Phil who his personal favourite performers are that he has graced the stage with, reads like a who’s who of the Music Industry. The list is endless which matches the talents of an artist that has been thrilling audiences worldwide since his teenage years.