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Blues Arcadia

Combining the legendary soul of Stax and Motown with the heat and power of the Chicago and Memphis blues, Blues Arcadia deliver an uninhibited old-fashioned soul stomp revival. Formed in Brisbane around the songwriting partnership of vocalist Alan Boyle and guitarist Chris Harvey with bassist Jeremy Klysz, Parmis Rose on […]

Cass Eager and the Velvet Rope

‘…down the end on a small stage in a patch of light under a mass of wild curls, a girl sits, cradling a big-bodied guitar, like a still from The Bottom Line in ’68. And that voice, mixing Memphis soul and delta blues, is husky from a thousand melodies with […]

Chicken Train Skifflers

Since 1999, Playing a unique liberation of a lost style of music, fusing ragtime, blues, country, bluegrass and rockabilly to produce the traditional skiffler sound, or as we’ve come to call it “Psychophuque-a-billy” Factoid: 2011 Tamworth Country Music Festival. Whilst attempting to pass a barrier with a ute loaded with […]